Calculation on a lookup field


I am trying to apply a multiplier to a lookup field based on a checkbox or multiple selection.
In short, if the checkbox is checked, a lookup would be multiplied by a certain amount (for example 200), else it would not. Similar to:

IF ((checkbox)=1, LOOKUP*200, LOOKUP)

Another possibility would be:
IF ((multiple select)=A, LOOKUPx200, (multiple select)=B, LOOKUPx300,(multiple select)=C, LOOKUPx400)

Hope this is clear - strong text is this feasible?



Hi, as a fundamental rule - if you want to perform calculations on lookup field/column - you need to use ROLL UP and enter formula/IF Condition etc.

Alternately, you can Look Up and make a new column adjacent and configure it to FORMULA.But this is a two step process. Above is a single step process.

Hope it helps!


I cannot understand how you can perform a rollup and multiply a field to a another value.
can you pls explain?