Calculation to track % Change in a Table

Hello, I’m also new to Airtable. I’m wrestling with one thing that is very easy in Excel (or Google Sheets), but I haven’t be able to find how it can be implemented in Airtable.

I’ve created a Table. I add a record ever day to track the number of occurrences such as: Visitors to an establishment.

Date Day Visits % Change
23.3. Mo 27 NA
25.3. Tu 28 = (28/27)-1 (in formula in Excel (C2/C1) - 1
26.3. We 30 = (30/28)-1 (in formula in Excel (C3/C2) - 1
27.3 Th 35 = (35/30)-1 (in formula in Excel (C4/C3) - 1


Where the % Change Column (or Field in Airtable speak) is, of course, calculated by a Formula.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 19.14.02

How can I achieve this with Airtable?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hi @Peter_Schindler,

This cannot be done in Airtable as Airtable does not recognize Records in the Formula, it recognizes Fields.

Im not sure if it can be done using the Scripting Block though.


Hello Mohamed,

thanks for your reply. So, Airtable is really more RDBMS and Spreadsheet. I’ll explore Scripting Blocks.

Cheers, Peter