Calcultate discount based on single field


I need some help to do something…

1/I have a column with a price
2/ I have a column with a Single Select option, and a list of discounts (10%,15%,20%,30%)

I would like to create a 3rd column, with a formula which gives me the total discounted price, based on the discount which has been selected.

So if : Column B has a total of $100
Column C has 10% selected
The new column D should show me $90

I don’t know how to create a formula which will calculate the discounted amount based on the selected field.

I would be great to have some help on that! :slight_smile:


Create a formula field with this formula:

{price} - VALUE(SUBSTITUTE({discount},'%',''))/100 * {price}

What the formula does: removes the percent symbol from the single select field, makes sure the remaining text is treated as a number, converts it to a decimal value, multiplies that decimal by the original price, then subtracts it from the original price.

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Thanks a lot for your reply Kamille ! It worked :slight_smile:

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