Calendar - Dates within Date Ranges

Here is my scenario - I have a job scheduled on the calendar for a date range that lasts 6 weeks. I would like to add dates within that range. On day 1 I can have a note that reminds me to bill for starting on site. On day 10 I can have a note reminding me to contact a subcontractor to make a visit. On 20 I can have a not to remind me to bill for a progress payment. On day 30 I can have a note that we’ll need to bring material that day (the specific material would be linked to another tab, so that my coworker knows to schedule that material towards the end of the job. As of now, when I link the job on the calendar to the purchasers tab, they think I need it on day 1). Any chance on this existing? Thanks

Hi @Craig_Nelson,

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I believe the best way to achieve your goal would be to have another table called Tasks. Link this table to the Jobs, use the Job start date to calculate the dates for your tasks.

Does that help?