Calendar doesn't show thumbnails anymore


As of the latest update, the calendar views are no longer showing image thumbnails on the entries. This is extremely important for me so I can identify entries at a glance. I hope this is just a bug and will be back to normal soon.

Attachments not showing on calendar

This is happening to me too!!! I just signed up today. Took the time to create a calendar and now the images don’t appear. How can we get ahold of airtable to fix this? Do these kind of bugs happen all the time? Doesn’t seem like a stystem I can depend on…


Matt from Airtable here. This was an intentional change, rather than a bug, and I’d like to offer an apology, some background behind the change, and suggestions for follow-up.

First off, we apologize for any disruption to your workflow that this change caused. The reliability of Airtable functionality for our customers is of utmost importance to us, and we sincerely regret that the introduction of this change was disruptive in a way that could have been avoided.

This week we introduced a refreshed design to our calendar view that features a 2-week view, collapsible weekends, and a collapsible record list sidebar. As part of these changes, we no longer automatically show attachment thumbnails in calendar records.

There’s limited space available in each calendar entry to show information about a record. In this new design, we prioritized devoting as much space as possible to record name labels, rather than showing an image thumbnail that is often too small to be useful, and that there was currently no way to customize or remove.

We are continuing to add new features and customization options to calendar view over the coming months, and we may re-introduce attachment thumbnails depending on customer feedback. In order to help us prioritize which features to introduce, we’d like to hear how you’ve used the attachment field in calendar views. For example, do you use it to check whether a record has an attached image, such as making sure your blog posts have cover images before publication? Do you use the color of the image to represent a particular status? Is it a lookup of an attachment from another table?

Lastly, in the meantime, if you want to see records’ attachments at a glance in the new design, our suggested workflow is to set the right-hand sidebar to show “Records with dates” and scroll to the current month. The record cards in the sidebar continue to show image attachments, just as they did before the new design.


I :heart: the 2-week view.

I collapsed weekends but the display collapses Sunday and Monday!

Weekends should be Saturday and Sunday, right?


I was using the attachment in calendar view to see at a glance which employee was assigned to the particular record. I have a table of employees, and had created colored icons for each one of them (there’s only about 6 employees). I use a lookup to get that icon into the dated record. When I look at the calendar I could quickly see which jobs are assigned to which employees on any given day, without having to jump between separate calendars for each individual employee.

So really the attachment itself isn’t important to me. It’s just nice to have some way to identify the ‘state’ of the record at a glance. Color-coding would be a nice alternative.


We’re aware of that issue and a fix will go out later today or tomorrow. Sorry about that!


Fixed. Awesome! Thanks @Matt_Bush :wink:


I would love to show the Primary Field and then have the ability to show some sort of single select as I would love to be able to use the calendar view to show the status of a project.


I use the thumbnails to identify if I have an image attachment at a glance. This is really helpful to my operation. I would like to have some indication of this in the calendar view, other than the side bar



My records have a status field that I use for a Kanban view. I’d love that color-coding to be visible on calendar.


If you’ve been using the attachments to indicate status, I think our upcoming conditional coloring feature will satisfy your needs. We’re starting to roll this feature out in beta form. If you’re interested in getting in on the beta, please fill out this form:


Just signed up - thanks!


Any update on bringing back attachment thumbnails in calendar view?

Are thumbnails available on any of the paid plans?