Calendar - expanded view (updated with new field or sort order)

Using Calendar to track events (free streams by arts organizations during this COVID19 crisis with cancelled live performances).

I created a calendar from a basic view with all the fields of the data i am collecting

however as i am working on adding events i have added fields to that basic view. (master list) and also rearranged them in the order in which I would like them to appear in the expanded record view.

BUT the calendar i created DOES NOT update with either the new sort order or the additional fields.

so i created a new calendar and it did show the new fields in the order i wanted.
And then i have to setup all the colors all over… this is a PITA

HOWEVER this calendar is embedded in a wordpress page.
AND I have to get another embed link and then edit the page and put that link in.

Now today i have to add another field and will have to go this this rigamorole of creating yet another calendar, and updating the webpage.

So I am deducting that the creation of the calendar is a one time process.

This makes no sense. Surely there could be a way that if you create a calendar and then rearrange the fields of the master view and/or add a field that the calendar link would pull that new data ?

Why does the calendar not update if you add or rearrange the fields?

I searched and searched and dont find any documentation on this issue - or how to fix it or ???

Please help! Thanks


I haven’t looked at the official documentation, but this should work for you:

  1. Go to your calendar view.
  2. Click the ... button beside the share button.
  3. Select “Copy another view’s configuration” (see below).
  4. Select the view with the field order/visibility configuration that you want to copy.
  5. Select the parameters you want to copy.
  6. Click “Copy configuration”.

Each view “remembers” its own configuration – so you don’t accidentally change all the views in a table if you make changes in one view. New fields don’t automatically show up in existing views for the same reason.

It makes more sense in a multi-user environment, where people are relying on certain views for their workflow and extra fields suddenly popping up would be surprising – or go unnoticed, leading to data entry errors.

As for the new calendar having all the new fields, that’s because you’re looking at your master list with the updated field order/visibility when you create the new calendar – new views are initialized with the field order/visibility of the view the user is looking at. (Further to this, when you open linked records, the field order is based on the last view you opened in that table.)


THANK YOU SO MUCH it worked and i am so grateful!

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