Calendar metadata


Something that would be hopefully rather easy to implement is adding support for a location text field in the generated calendar feeds. Ie. just a regular text field that is turned into a LOCATION line in the iCal feed.


Yes!!! This would be so helpful. Right now the calendar has no other info in the notes or location fields of iCal feeds.


+1 This would be very, very useful for my needs, too.


Having this feature built into Airtable would definitely be more convenient.

In the meantime, if you need a work around, you could use Zapier to create a Google Calendar event based on data from a record entered into Airtable. It’s a simple enough operation that it could be done with a 2-step zap, which means it can be done on Zapier’s free tier.

If you don’t use Google calendar, I’m not sure what other calendar integrations zapier supports. There may be plenty of other reasons why this wouldn’t work for you, I’m aware of that - just throwing out a possible workaround. (ie, don’t respond back to me to explain why my idea won’t work for you or why it’s a terrible idea :wink:)


I have tried a Zapier integration, but at least earlier the problem was moving and removing calendar entries, as the integration could only add new meetings and not modify the existing ones.


It is possible to update and delete calendar entries in response to Airtable changes, but I believe that might require multi-step zaps, which would require a paid Zapier account. I haven’t set up the deletion/update of calendar events before, but I know I’ve seen those options in the google calendar integration in Zapier.


Has anyone else tried? Would really like to do this using part of a record for location data, and concatenating a couple other fields for notes, especially for records whose dates can and will change (and therefore need to be updated in the, in my case, google calendar).


Just tried myself and didn’t have a lot of luck, mostly because it had a hard time matching existing calendar and airtable entries. Also, would be nice for us free users to be able to have one-way sync with metadata.