Calendar - More than 20 dates in a field?


Hi everyone,

So I would like to be able to see all the times I visited a client on my calendar view. My clients being records. I saw that the pro plan offers to reach 20 dates in a field, but in my case, I am afraid it won’t be enough.

I want to use this for billing.

Would anyone have an idea to make it work ?

Many thanks !


I don’t understand what you say. In a Date field you can just store one value.

I would have a Clients table and a Visits table, related by a Linked Record field. Then, you could Group visits by Client, or you could create Calendar views filtering by a Client, to see the visits in a Calendar.


You are completely right, it works like a charm !
The only thing is that the records of this new Visit table are the dates, and it doesn’t look very good on the calendar unfortunately. I’d rather see who visited the client within the team !

Any thought on that as well ?

Many thanks !


You can make the primary field on Visits to be a Formula field, to concatenate the values of other fields: Salesperson, Date, Duration, Phase, etc.


Yeah that’s what I did but it’s not ideal per nature cause I don’t want the dates to appear on the calendar card (cause they will already be represented by their position within the calendar), and yet, it’s really the dates that are
the most important thing and so should be the primary fields.

But thank you so much !


It is not mandatory.

Why? You can put whatever you want in the primary field. The Date field is just used to show the records in the Calendar in the correct position.