Calendar Notifications + zaps

Hi everyone, I’m just settling into using airtable but I’ve been using zapier for quite a long time, so I’m very familiar with zaps. I have two things I’m trying to achieve -

  1. I want to setup calendar notifications (it seems that this strangely isn’t an offered feature by Airtable yet?) To do that I noted that someone said it can be done using zapier but I can’t see the zap that would make it happen. Really appreciate suggestions for this.

  2. I want to automate a specific email to be sent to a client when a date and time is set in my calendar for a meeting. I’d like the email to take the data from the date and time and add it to the email and I’d also like it to take a date from a different airtable cell and add it into another part of the email. I don’t use a zapier approved email system at the moment (I have my own domain and feed it through thunderbird), but I can use gmail for this (I guess) if I have to (#HateGmail). Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks a million in advance. Fran :slight_smile:

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