Calendar Notifications


I’d like to receive in app or even desktop alerts at the time of my choosing. i.e. at the time of event, 1 day before, 2 hours before, etc.

Missing dates will happen unless you remember to go into each calendar view on a daily basis.


I requested this and a few other calendar enhancements previously, here. I do hope something like this comes about eventually.


Good man. I just made quite a few requests so hopefully I’m not duplicating too much.


I saw that in another thread, someone pointed you in the direction of Zapier—Zapier may also be helpful for you in trying to set up calendar notifications.


Calendar notifications are essential to our project management.This is the one missing feature that’s keeping my boss from fully integrating Airtable.

We tried Zapier and it doesn’t function how we would want it to. We’re used to getting calendar notifications from Outlook (which are very persistent); with Airtable, our team would need to manually check on deadlines and that would be too much for some on top of their heaping workloads.


Hello! I’m not sure if this could help you out for the time being or not, but you can subscribe to your Airtable calendar view. As long as you have date/time and a calendar view, you should be able to do the following:

Google Calendar has the option to add notifications to events, so if you have GCal push notifications on you’d receive those notifs accordingly.

Here’s a screenshot of the settings I have the option to use:

I’m not an Outlook user, but hopefully it offers similar features to subscribe and send notifications. This of course isn’t the most elegant of solutions but wanted to pass it along in case it can fill the void Zapier can’t fill!