Calendar Security


When I create a shared view calendar, it creates a read-only calendar.

But when our outsource personnel clicks on items on calendar, it just shows everything on the view no matter how filtered they are.

I just leaked the most precious data to our competitor. The calendar was made from a view that was already filtered for sensitive data, but the calendar just shows it all.

This cannot be a simple feature request, but it’s a serious security bug, I think.

Any thoughts?


Hi Jonghyun, thanks for sharing this concern.

This is the intended behavior for calendar views: all fields are shown in expanded records. At this time, we don’t offer a way to specify which fields are shown or hidden in expanded records of calendar views, or in shares of calendar views. This is a frequently requested feature and we plan on supporting it within the next few months, so that calendar view shares can be customized like other shares.

Note that shared calendar views do respect the calendar view’s filters; in other words, only records that are visible in the calendar view are visible in the shared calendar view. The above limitation only concerns fields, not records.

If you’d like to create a shared calendar view but need specific fields to be hidden, you can create a shared grid view instead (which supports hiding fields), or if the share does not need to stay up-to-date, you can duplicate your base, delete any fields from the duplicate that you’d like to hide, and share a calendar from the duplicated base.


Thank you, Matt, for your suggestions.

I’m happy to hear that you are planning to implement the possibility to hide fields in the calendar view. It will be a great help, Nowadays I would like to share some calendars but not being able to hide some sensitive information makes it impossible.


Starting today, we now support hiding fields in calendar view! You can hide fields from an expanded record. Read more in our documentation for hiding fields.


Thank you!

Together with the week, 3d and day views the calendar view is now what I needed.