Calendar subscription makes an hour event for start and end times, can it be a larger block for the entire duration?

I have events that are multiple hours long, and when I put a start and end date/time the calendar creates 2 events for one hour at the start and end of the event. For example, an event that goes from 7om - 9pm has a one hour long event from 7pm - 8pm and a one hour event from 9pm - 10pm. Is there a way to make the event a multiple hour block for the duration rather than 2, one hour events?

Hi Charlotte, that’s a puzzling one.

Could you tell me more about how the calendar subscription works, and also attach a screenshot of your data please?

After a weekend rested brain, I figured it out. I previously had used 2 date fields rather than setting an end field. Screenshots of the problem and the solution below:

This creates 2 events:

This creates one event with a start and and end time:

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