Calendar view by week


We are loving Calendar view! Any plans to be able to view by week and year as well as by month?


+1 for weekly views!


+1 - daily, gantt and agenda view too!


Some brainstorming…

  1. A year-only view for those historical dates that you want to visualize on a timeline! Something similar to this could be useful (Year view) and complementary to Calendar view:

  2. Weekly would be great for team task planning.

  3. Monthly view would benefit from ‘continuous scrolling’ so instead of page-turning, you scroll downwards one week per line.


if week planning were added i could almost run my whole operation within airtable


+1 for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views!

Also, on the monthly view, it would be great if all the items each day can be seen, or maybe customize the number of records that can be seen. :relaxed:
Since I use airtable mainly for scheduling, being able to see all records on their respective dates at a glance would be immensely helpful!


+1 for weekly views!


If weekly views were added, we should also have a duration field type added, of some kind. This might make the week view look like google calendar, with entries having a height to them corresponding to the duration an event would last.


Yes! Weekly and even daily views would be awesome. For organizing a film festival, it would be great to be able to “zoom in” in a date range (the week of the festival or even one day) and see the lineup of our films based on the date/time we’ve added on their records. And Airtable’s awesome drag and drop functionality would make shuffling the order around really quick and easy.


Would definitely love to see this. Our editorial team works on a daily/weekly schedule, so the monthly view isn’t really as helpful.


As others have said, if you added a robust calendaring option this would enable me to consolidate many operations into one app. Daily/weekly/monthly (and annual for that timeline suggestion) would be great, with drag-n-drop from the sidebar. Check out Trellius ( for a 3rd party solution to Trello – maybe you can partner with them for this feature?


1+ for this kind of request


1+ for week view, also gantt view


I’m all for adding weekly views. I’d also love to see the calendar view have the ability to show records for a previous year. For example, I have a table that includes birthdays, but they won’t show up on the calendar view because the birth years are not the current year. Similarly, it would be nice to have the date function accept partial dates (month and day only), since sometimes people don’t want to divulge the year, or perhaps the year is not necessary. I did a work around and just use 0000 for the year, since the field requires me to enter something.


+1 for weekly views!


+1 for day planner and weekly calendar views!


+1000000 for a yearly view. That would allow me to run our entire biz through Airtable because we’re planning our 10 - 20 week programmes.


Yes! I came to the forums searching for a way to view more than one month at a time. I plan an editorial calendar quarterly and like to see the whole quarter a time. A year would be great too!


Announcement from the Airtable team: we are now offering a beta of 1-week & 1-day modes in calendar views to customers on our Pro & Enterprise plans! You can sign up using our beta feature access form.


Our 1-week, 3-day, and 1-day modes in calendar view are now available for all Airtable users! Read more at our calendar view documentation.