Calendar view - Dates coming from lookup values

Hi there,

I’m attempting to display dates from some contacts that are associated with lookup values coming from an event table, but apparently, the calendar view doesn’t read the format coming from the lookup value field.

Let’s say I have musicians or artists, and one musician can play at multiple events. I’d like to showcase in a calendar view the dates confirmed of those musicians. Is this possible?

Sharing some pics to better explain my issue. Appreciate some help on this!

Thank you = )

Unfortunately this isn’t possible the way that you’re envisioning it. Calendar views only work with fields that return a single date. Lookup fields return arrays, and even if it’s an array of dates, that still won’t work with a calendar view.

This is a case where a junction table would be preferable. Each record in the junction table would link to a single event and a single artist, with rollup fields to pull in the event’s start and end info (using MAX(values) as the aggregation formula, which will give you actual dates). You would then add a calendar view to that junction table.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of junction tables, check this out:

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