Calendar view display name


My situation: I’m a tutor with many students; for each student, I have multiple lessons scheduled.

I have a base with 2 tables: STUDENTS and LESSONS. Each entry in LESSONS is linked to one student, and each entry in STUDENTS is linked to multiple lessons. The primary field in STUDENTS is the student name. The primary field in LESSONS is currently the date/time, but could change if needed.

My goal: have a calendar view of all lessons that displays just the name of the student. (It doesn’t matter to me whether this calendar view lives in STUDENTS, LESSONS, or a 3rd table.)

The closest I can get is to make the primary field in LESSONS a formula that combines the student name with the date/time. But this is no good — in calendar view, the date/time info is redundant and cluttery, while in the STUDENTS table, the student name is redundant and cluttery.

Any suggestions? Thanks!