Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)


This feature should be a top priority for the develop team.

In my company we use a follow up collum, but we can’t receive notifications abou this dates.

This would help me a lot, because I’ve tried to make the flow with zapier, but I’ll need to open a new record each time for a single client…


+10000 on the reminders!


Ooo how interesting! Nice one, Neeraj!


There are a couple of potential solutions to this with Zapier which hasn’t been mentioned - the simplest is to base a Zap on a View filtered by “{Reminder Date} is today”. This is very straightforward to implement with just a date field and a single view with the filter. You then have a Zap triggered by a New Record in View. The only problem with this approach is that Zapier will only send a reminder once for each record (even when the Reminder Date is changed).

There is, however, an alternative, and that is to use a Scheduled Zap - i.e. one triggered by the Schedule trigger included with Zapier. These can be set to Monthly, Weekly, Daily or Hourly - and because you aren’t then reliant on Zapier determining whether it has already been triggered by a record, and you can essentially do whatever you want in the Zap after that.

I’ve documented this in a blog post if anyone is interested:

Sending Notifications from Airtable

I’d welcome any thoughts and comments!


I don’t see a way to edit the calendar view, but I’m new to the tool and could be missing something. I’d love to be able to add a couple of fields and color code. I’m using it for an email marketing calendar, and it’s helpful to know at a glance which department is sending, and who the audience is.

Love the tool so far!


Hi, +1 for notifications. I am considering using AirTable for project management, so I need notifications about due dates.
What about having an option for each date field to send a notification when it becomes now/today (as @Tomas_Baranek suggests). I prefer to send notifications to Slack though.
Alternatively, and this might be easier for you do implement, I would like to get notification when an item appears in a specific view (without necessarily getting updated). That’s it. Because then I can set up a view of tasks which are due today or sooner and use this notification for it.
You did a lot of work, no doubt. This feature seems not to be very difficult to implement, and it would improve usability a lot, not only for all these people in this thread (you can check out how many people just visited this discussion without replying, they are probably interested as well).


Not having native notifications for due dates, etc is a MAJOR blocker for us … this shouldn’t have anything to do with calendars or views/filters triggering things … it should just have a native function to send a reminder to the people following/assigned the records.

IS this happening, so we can become paying users … as without it, not sure the system is viable for us !!


+1 for the email Notifications Feature, and the example image by Ronald_Jan_Veeneman (above) looks good. :slight_smile:


@Katherine_Duh & Airtable team – I definitely have this same issue. A calendar view would be incredibly useful for me and my team, but only if you are able to surface information in addition to the Key Field. Something like the Kanban view that lets you customize the Cards would be the perfect solution.

The suggestion in this thread, about using a formula for the Key Field, only works if are willing to have a longer key field and only want to show the same information in all calendar views. For my base, this is not a practical solution. Is there any update for whether this feature is currently in the pipeline?


+1 for Email notifications on Date fields


I was just searching for a reminder button and found the request here. I’m so new to airtable that I thought it was just me as a newbie couldn’t figure it out. Kinda strange why a cool tool offering project management/tracker function doesn’t have a reminder? PLS add it! THX!


@Katherine_Duh Would love a customized reminder function. Looking to use it for contract management.


We would also love a reminder/alert function, particularly as a help for follow-ups on funding opportunities (we are a small nonprofit).


@Katherine_Duh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Airtable. Seriously, I am willing to try to do just about anything I can to keep every single thing I do, use, or have to worry about in Airtable. I am currently trying to advocate for my team at work to select Airtable as our core project management tracking tool. There are so many amazing conveniences that are baked into Airtable that would make it a wonderful tool to use, but not having an alerts, reminders & notifications option built in is a deathblow. I cannot advocate for this tool knowing that, unless someone is tech and integration tool savvy, it cannot meet one of the very most basic and core functions of a project/task management tool.

I personally have been using Zapier integrations, but I’ve finally just had to just stop using it. There are two major issues that make Zapier unusable for me. The first is that there is no “trigger” for when updates are made to a field in Airtable. For example, if I change the due date of a project in Airtable, there is no Zapier trigger to find and update the google calendar date.

In a similar vein to my first issue, the second problem I have is that if I delete something because it no longer applies, my calendar event is not removed. There isn’t a way to tell Google Calendar to delete something that I remove from Airtable. I think this could possibly be resolved by creating an additional Zap, but what it all really comes down to is how difficult this is to do.

The inability to feel confident that my Airtable and Google Calendar are reliably sync’d does more harm than good for me. I’m going to constantly run into the worry that my calendar isn’t accurate, that I’ve missed an important deliverable, or that I killed myself to meet an inaccurate due date. It’s easier for me to just kill the calendar integration and accept that I’m just going to have to constantly check Airtable to make sure I don’t miss something.

Especially considering you already offer the incredibly helpful calendar view tool, I feel like this should be such a doable, low hanging fruit, bang for your buck, slam dunk, easy win option you could add to this platform. I’ll keep my fingers crossed this comes soon.


@Katherine_Duh Any progress on this? Reminders/notifications for the date field is essential! As others have said, Zapier just doesn’t cut it, and Airtable is too awesome to not have this feature!


Hey, are you reading this Airtable? Almost 4 years, we need the reminders!


Love AirTable, but this is really making me look at other options. :frowning:


you can have reminders if you suscribe to the ical and add the start and end date on every task, you don’t have to go from airtable

we ask for a native option :slight_smile:


It would be great to hear any update on progress from an Airtable team member. Airtable can’t really be used effectively for project management without native notifications. And no, Zapier is NOT the solution. Zaps are great for simple, somewhat unusual things that probably make no sense to build natively. But notifications are pretty much table stakes for Project Management software and since that’s one of Airtable’s advertised use cases, the lack of notifications is a serious problem. I love Airtable but can only roll it out to my teams in limited cases right now because of this (and the lack of conditional logic but I’ve already posted on that!). Thanks.


+1 for the notification, alerts, and reminders system! It’s a simple feature that would greatly enhance the workflow. At the moment I’m trying to convert my current Office 365 calendar system to Airtable so that my team’s project management is more interactive and extensive than simply plugging in booking times. I’m absolutely loving the diversity of tools and customisable options of Airtable… if we got the notification/reminders/alerts as a feature, I will honestly use Airtable for every work place and freelance job.

So please develop this feature, it would be a lifesaver!