Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)

  • 100,000 for reminder and alert notifications. However, please consider making the notifications and alerts work with fields that contain DATEADD formulas as well as calendar fields.

New to AirTable and just seeing that the two fields (date fields and formula fields using dateadd) work differently even though they’re both dates.

It would be extremely helpful if you could make formula fields using dateadd to show up in calendar view as an option as well. Pleeeeease :slight_smile:


It would be great!
Also, how about notifications coming from formula fields (not only from text fields) so notifications can be automated,


Agree with all… Notifications would be great.


I just realized there was no notification tool and it just made me very sad. I’ve spent a week importing data into Airtable. and the inability to setup notifications has been rethinking going back to Trello.


Just chiming in with a +1


Wow, I’m very surprised that this feature doesn’t exist. I love Airtable, it has become my primary project management tool. I was thinking about becoming more dedicated and upgrading to a paid membership, but I will have to look into a different project management SaaS now. This is a feature that I absolutely must have, and I really don’t care to use all the integration hacks to make it work. It should just work as a native feature regardless.


Hello Airtable,

Thoroughly enjoying my trial, and have uploaded a lot of info, but am now finding that I cannot send deadline reminders from Airtable and am more than a little disappointed. Would be happy to sign up for pro as a company if this feature was included.

I would love love love date fields to have the option of notifying users/collaborators 12m, 1m, 2wk, 1day, 4hrs, before an event or deadline, with the option to specify an exact date and time reminder - to cover all bases.



Please! We need this.


Also adding in to say I hope this feature will exist soon!


This would be EXTREMELY helpful. Please add date triggered notifications.


Julian - you must be over the top brilliant - my brain is in overdrive trying to understand your blog post. :):crazy_face:

My use case requires a couple hundred reminders. Need to remind employees that their specific licensures and certifications are getting ready to expire and they need to renew them.

Before I get started - do I need a paid version of Zapier to run this Zap?

Thanks for sharing your technical guruness!


Following this with interest - we’re currently evaluating Airtable to use for our team and think this feature (or lack of) is a big issue for us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed its on the roadmap as I love Airtable so far, but this might hold us back from committing to it just yet.

Airtable team - any update? Thanks!


+1 It’s been a year since any contact from Airtable on this… that’s disappointing. I was getting ready to advocate for this for my team, but ditto - my team won’t pay for a service that lacks a native notification feature.


it would be nice to be able to see all tasks (defined backups) in some calendar view: 1 week: lines = tasks in the same order as on “tasks page”, columns = days (MO, TU,…, SU) in field : time of scheduled backup, colors for easy read. , or 1 month : matrix of days in month, colors for days where the backup/task is scheduled. Diff colors for Folder/Disk/Mobile backup, Use quaters if more types (colors) needed for 1 day. Mouse-over: list of tasks w/ time ordered by time Contact me if you want more details reg. design :wink: (for free :slight_smile: )


+1 to reminders in Airtable records. It’s crazy Airtable doesn’t have this functionality yet.


+1 to native reminder/notification tool, Airtable is great but the feature is definitely missing


+1. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet. I’d also like a way for reoccurring tasks to come back after I check them off.


I would also like a reminder option, we use this for sales pipeline and i need to set reminders for when i need to action something


Reminders would be incredibly helpful! On the mobile and desktop versions.


I would also like to see reminders - native support is much easier and cleaner that using anything else currently available!