Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)


+++++1 Just signed up for a trial for personal use, with a view to using in our startup.

Lack of notifications on items when the due date/time rolls around is a critical gap. Using Zaps and the like is just a bandaid and not a sufficient solution.

Until that is in place, it just won’t do what we need, despite it’s benefits in other ways over Trello, Asana etc

Sorry - but this is a major gap.


+1 on notifications. It will make Airtable the most customizable task management tool of all.


Holy cow. I was loving Airtable until I realized that this feature not only doesn’t exist, but they have apparently taken no measures in the last two years to ensure their user base that it was going to be created. We’re out, sorry dev team. That’s a huge problem.


guys … going to check that out, it can send mails based on new records in specific views, like filtered by “one week from now option” or “today” to set reminders that come by email. Also you could have a checkmark “Remind” and it would be filtered in a view, so whenever you check it it sends a mail. Gonna try it.