Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)


+1 @Airtable_support please integrate a reminders feature! It’s an imperative part of project management


Agreed :slight_smile: Would love to receive a notification from Airtable anytime I am linked to a card with an upcoming date.


+1 a native reminder feature. integrations are a workaround for now, though.


+1 no-ti-ca-tion functionality for calendar, both in formula as well as in calendar view! Please!


Yes please! Zapier provides workarounds, but it’s far from perfect.


Not even a reminder, just a simple notification tool that can notify anyone based on any circumstance… basically a fancy IF() function.

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@Katherine_Duh @Airtable_Support First off, I think your product is fantastic. I’m in charge of coordinating projects for my engineering team, and your product is fantastic for such coordination, EXCEPT for the lack of a native notifcation feature. Airtable needs a native notification feature with the date field. It would be a great benefit to my team’s work flow and productivity if there was a convenient and efficient way for us to be reminded of upcoming due dates, check-in dates, milestone dates, deadlines, etc. Optimally, the notfication feature would simply be a part of the drop-down options menu for the date field, and would allow for multiple notifications to be sent to at various times, via various services, i.e. SMS, email, Slack, etc. I think, and so do many others based on just this thread, that adding a native notification feature would be a great addition to your already wonderful product. If you are developing this feature at the moment, please let us know.


Can you please elaborate on how to do this?