Calendar View for iPad?


Hi when can I expect a calendar view to be available for the iPad? (or iOS in general).
We are using Airtable as a simple CRM for an exclusive restaurant, and we think we can use the calendar view to keep track of when the reservations are. Right now, my client has to launch the desktop view on the Safari browser on iPad to see it, which is unfortunate!


This would be great, I’d also love to look at the calendar in weeks and days as well as by month.


I also would love to see calendar view on ipad and iphone. We currently enter daily work tasks but we dont always remember and it would be better to visualize via a calendar view to see where we missed inputting the work tasks.


Please yes! It’s great on my Mac, and I use calendar view most of the time. Not having it on iPad is really making it hard for me to use iPad effectively.


YES. We need this for iPhone.