Calendar View for Web Version


I use air table to manage my editorial calendar. I think one feature that would really be helpful is to be able to see all my information in a calendar view.

I just want to let you know that Trello has this option and that is why airtable should have this option too.


Calendar view would be awesome. Especially considering how many of the use cases for Airtable involve lead tracking. A contact diary is essential.

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Oh me too, me too! I would love a calendar view! :heart_exclamation:


Lucky for all of you, here’s calendar view! You can create a new calendar view from the view menu.

You can also check out Andrew’s Medium post about our design decisions behind calendar view, or you can check out our support article.

(This has been in the works for a while—please don’t expect us to put out features this quickly in the future! :upside_down:)

Here comes calendar view
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