Calendar View: Layering and Coloring


I would like to be able to create a calendar view, which shows multiple date columns. It would also be nice to apply colors or categories to various cells or columns.

The end goal here is to be able to layer all the different Date field types on a tab from a single view.

Use case:

I might indicate in a tab when a client joined, when their contract ends, when my last communication with them was, product launch date, etc. I’d like to see all my events from one view or choose which ones to hide.


+1 On This!

We have a need to view a calendar with different date columns as well.
And yes, if they different date fields could be colored (to differentiate between them), that would be AMAZING!


Matt from Airtable here. We are currently planning out improvements to Calendar View including support for multiple date fields from the same table.

These improvements will be available in beta in a couple months.


Update from the Airtable team: We are excited to announce a beta of support for multiple date fields from the same table in calendar views!

At this time we are opening up the beta to customers on our Pro and Enterprise plans. If you are on a Pro or Enterprise plan and are interested in being added to the multiple date fields beta, please sign up here. Please allow us up to a week to process signups from this form.


Hey there! Pro plan users can now color calendar records and plot multiple date fields from a table on a single calendar view. You can read more about all the new features released today here.