Calendar View: Multiple date ranges in a single date field


Hi all! New here so please bear with me.
We have a Projects table that has fields for Production Start Date, End Date, Pitch, Delivery, etc. and those are showing up fine on the calendar for each individual project. The Projects table also has a field that links to a Staff table so we can easily assign staff members to projects. Staff members are usually assigned to multiple projects at once.
In the Staff table, we have a field that links to the projects table, so that we can easily see the multiple projects each staff member is working on. We’re looking to have all of those date ranges for multiple projects show in a single calendar view for each staff member.
Right now in the Staff table we have lookup fields for the start date, end date, etc., but if the person has more than one project assigned to them, the dates are listed in the field separated by a comma. My suspicion is that they are not being recognized as dates because the only way the dates show up in a person’s calendar is if they only have one project assigned to them.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get all of the dates for an individual person’s multiple projects to show up on the Staff table Calendar View?
Thank you!


At this time, Calendar View only works with fields that contain one date value, not multiple date values such as lookups.

If you want to see a calendar consisting of projects for a particular staff member, you can create a calendar view on the Projects table and filter it to only those projects assigned to the staff member of interest.