Calendar view record colors have disappeared


In the last 24 hours, the private link view for my calendars have lost the ability to display records as a color associated with a single choice field. Anybody have this issue? This has affected all my bases within my workspace. I am on a pro account and my bases are not shared with any other users. Any ideas?


Hi Nick, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We recently made some internal changes to shares that inadvertently affected record coloring in calendar views. We are working on a fix to restore the pre-existing behavior. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks, hopefully this can be resolved ASAP as it’s a critical issue for
our organization who rely on the color coding.


Hi there - just seconding this issue as it seems to have popped up again! The calendars I have embedded in our site are no longer color coded :frowning:

Thank you!


Yes we’re seeing the issue again as well.


Hey folks—we just pushed something that should have fixed the colors on your calendar embeds. Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues!


Thanks so much - looks to be all fixed!