Calendar View - Record Title vs Date

I noticed in the calendar view the only way I’m finding that I organize records from an at-a-glance perspective is through the date filter. I find that this unhelpful since the whole point of the calendar is that the record will fall on the date it’s due, so I don’t need the record to show the date as the top piece of info. Because of how our team is using this view, we need it to function more as an at-a-glance calendar vs a “click to learn more details” calendar. Is there a way to show the record title instead of the date field so I can see what is due without having to select the record? I believe this topic is requesting guidance on the same issue but I don’t see an answer. Has anyone solved this since 2016? Thanks! Calendar View - Record Title vs Date

The calendar will display your “primary field” value as the record title. So whatever you make as your “primary field” is what will show up on the calendar as the record title.

Outside of changing your primary field to whatever you want to appear on the calendar, there is unfortunately no way to modify any part of the calendar interface (except for showing/hiding the sidebar, and showing/collapsing the weekends.)

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