Calendar View - use key other than primary for event name


I’d like to be able to create a calendar view that lets me choose both the date range and the other field to be used for the record name aside from the primary key.

For example, let’s say I’ve got a calendar of students who are going to take their drivers’ license test, each taking it in one of several locations. In grid view, I could create a formula field to concatenate their name and the location of their test, then in calendar view, set their test date/time as the date/time field, and the formula field as the calendar event name field. So instead of just showing the student’s name, it shows the name and the location both in Airtable’s main calendar view, and in the iCal export feed.


Another solution might be to create a “join” table - call the table “Test Events” or something, and in each record, have the dates/times you need, the location, and then a link record field linking to the Student who will be taking the test. Then, in the primary field, you can perform your concatenation to display what you want to on the calendar, which will be located in that “Test Events” table (although, I think you’ll be disappointed with the way Airtable truncates long labels on calendar event boxes).


I like it, though one downside for us free users is that it effectively doubles the number of records, and if we’re already close to the 1,200 mark on the base, that’s a no-go. Still, workable for smaller datasets or paid users.


I’d also like to be able to do this without putting in a workaround.

I have a table listing locations, and another table listing site visits. One of the data points for a site visit is the location, and I want to create a calendar view which shows the location. I can’t make the location the primary key, because it’s a lookup from another table.

Please consider adding this to the roadmap - thanks!