Can Airtable be integrated and used with a simple?

Hi everybody, we are a small French NGO supporting family carers. We use Airtable since last year. We need to develop simple online training courses for carers : do you know with which LMS (Learning Management System) Airtable can interconnect ? Is there any you would recommend ? We need something quite simple - to push video contents & have simple quizz and interactions - and cheap (or free) !
Thank you for your reply!

Airtable can communicate with any LMS or any web app that has an API.

You would need to know JavaScript to write your own code to communicate with an API (or you would need to hire someone who knows JavaScript to do this for you).

For a no-code/low-code approach that doesn’t require writing JavaScript code, you could use an API integration tool like

For example, Make has built-in integration with Canvas LMS and Talent LMS:

Thanks, I will investigate further in this tool. helene

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