Can AirTable check bank and credit accounts for balances?

Hi. I’d like AirTable to watch my finances for me. I’d like it to give me my bank account balances and my credit card balances due and available credit. I want it to log into those services to get the data — I don’t want a manual data entry step for the financial info.

Can this be done in AirTable?

Welcome to the community, @Eiren_Smith! :smiley: This can’t be done natively within Airtable. You’ll need to enlist the help of an API-driven tool to collect the data from your financial institution(s) and update your base. Zapier or Integromat may have the means to pull this off, but I’m not 100% sure. More likely it’ll take custom API code to do the job. If this is something you want to pursue and don’t have the means to do it yourself, I suggest posting in the Work Offered category.