Can Airtable do this?


Hello Everyone,

I need help to determine if Airtable can do what I am trying to build.

Currently, we are using Google sheet, and I feel it’s not working, I want things to be more automatic.

Our six business development team book sale events for our sale team to attended.

Main Sheet: will have these following tabs:

COID: (will have drop downs)
Community: (will have drop downs)
Event Type: (will have drop downs)
Event Date:
Event Time:
Property Management:
Contact Name
Contact Phone number:
Contact Email:
Team Members: (will have drop downs)

When we assign Address to our six business development team members, we only give them the address, and they need to fill the rest out, themselves.

What I want to do is, once I fill the address field with address and assign it to a team member, I want it to show it up on their sheet. Without deleting it from the current sheet


If enter: 123 street in the address field and then go to Team member and select Omar, That address will show up on Omar sheet.

Once they fill the rest of the requirement fields from COID to Contact Email; The main sheet will be updated.

I am not sure how to go about this or if Airtable can do this or if I have to find a different solution.

Thank you guys in advance


Not sure I completely understand but here’s my crack at it:

You can create a view for each person that filters records based on the person who owns it.


But can you restrict each person from seeing the records that were filtered out from their view? This is my latest dilemma. It sounds to me like Omar should try a Zapier integration with Airtable, or just the Google version of macros (Google Apps Script lets you create your own apps and integrations for Sheets, Docs, etc) to distribute the addresses.



If you wanted to distribute a form, rather than letting them make changes in Airtable, I’m thinking you need a table where you fill in the address fields and another table with the team members. Then you have a third where each address is linked to it’s assigned team member (one record for each). The trouble with Airtable as it is now is that conditional look-ups are your only way to reduce a list, and you can’t actually work with that field, so it’s not like you can send them a form and say to Airtable this person should only see his/her assigned records that are incomplete.

Which brings me back to Zapier. Check out their integrations for Airtable and Google Sheets.