Can an owner of a base move a collaborator to a different base?

Hi all

I created a bunch of bases and invited collaborators to these and I now have to create 10 more bases that need the same collaborators.

Is there an easy way to add these existing people to the new bases without having to invite them again?



Put all the bases in the same workspace, and then you can invite them to your workspace as workspace collaborators by sharing your workspace with them.

Thanks Scott

They are in the same workspace but I need them to only have access to their respective base :frowning:



Oh okay, then you’ll need to invite them manually for each base.

Is there a reason why you’re creating so many different bases for so many different people? It sounds like you might be duplicating a lot of the same exact effort across bases? For example, if you add or delete a field from one base, are you then adding or deleting that same field from the other bases?

Hey Scott

You’re right, it is a lot of effort :-).

The reason for taking the multi base approach is that the bases reflect individual beanie maker groups and we don’t want each group to see what the other group is making for a number of reasons :-).

This part of our ‘system’ is on a free Airtable account. We have 11 Group leaders who need to update their table each week and as a not for profit, we can’t afford 12 x collaborator monthly fees for a 15 minute update each week.

I love airtable but I wish they had an edit / update only level subscription at say $10 per month for say
3 concurrent editors.

I’d much prefer to do it in one base and multi tables or single table with restricted different views but I can find no other solution than the one I’ve conceived :-).

If you know another approach then please yell :slight_smile:



Yes, I think your #1 best option would be to delete all of the collaborators from your Airtable bases, then move everything into a single table in a single base, and then use a customizable “client portal” tool to enable your users to log into your Airtable system, but only be able to view & edit their own records.

These “client portal” tools were specifically designed for businesses that are in your exact situation, and there are 2 “client portal” tools that I know of:

Stacker ($125 per month)

MiniExtensions ($40 per month)

For just one low monthly fee, you can have as many collaborators as you want — and each collaborator is ONLY allowed to view & edit their own records. You would no longer be paying for collaborators in Airtable anymore — you would simply be paying for one of the above 2 portal tools.

So your 11 group leaders would be able to log in, view ONLY their own records, and edit ONLY their own records.

The more expensive option, Stacker, gives you a lot more flexibility & customizability, and also gives you a lot more freedom as to how you can structure your Airtable system. But for simple needs like what you’re looking for, the cheaper option would work perfectly.

If you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant to help you set all of this up, please feel free to send me a private message. However, my rates are relatively pricey, so I’m not sure if I would work within the budget of a non-profit. :slight_smile:

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