Can an "update record" automation link multiple records in one "Link to another record" field?

I’m trying to create an automation that finds Coaching IDs in one table and then links them all together in a “Master” sheet. Basically, every time a coaching session happens for a participant, I want all of their data linked so I can see everything about their coaching progress. Right now, when my automation runs it finds the newest instance of that ID and then replaces the previous “link to another record” with the newest one it finds, but what I want is for it to add it to this so there are multiple records there.

Table of coaching information (Please ignore the coach names, I made this as an example and used my dog’s nicknames for a bunch of the examples):

What I want to happen is the one that says EL1103 (I did that manually) but what usually happens when it runs is that it replaces the previous one with the newest one so there is only one link (like in the second record JG0904)

I’m unsure if it’s even possible to do this so I wanted to ask. I would just do a work around where I have a ton of “Link to another record” fields but I don’t know how many coaching sessions one person will get. I can of course alternatively do this manually but at some point this study will likely have 100s of participants with at least 50 coaching sessions each so I was hoping to automate this.