Can anyone help me write this formula

I need to write a formula that tracks our uniform distribution and cost. Here’s what it needs to say:

We have 6 types of shirts:

  1. Newbie Shirt ($18)
  2. Gorilla Gang Shirt $26
  3. Macaw Shirt $26
  4. Rooster Shirt $26
  5. Champion Shirt $26
  6. Executive Shirt $26

Hat: $17

I need a formula that tells me based on the type of shirt they have * the qty based on the cost of the shirt what the total comes to.

Let me know if you are able to write this and if you need any additonal information.

This is probably not the best way to setup your system. You would probably want your items to be listed as individual records in another table with prices associated with each item, so you could lookup their values into your current table.

However, if you still want to do this with a formula, you would use the SWITCH function to result in the price based on the shirt name.

For example, here’s what part of your formula would look like:

{Shirt Name},
"Newbie Shirt", 18,
"Gorilla Gang Shirt", 26,
"Rooster Shirt", 26

However, since most of your t-shirts are the exact same price, you will probably just want to make that value the default value, like this:

{Shirt Name},
"Newbie Shirt", 18,

Would you be willing to do a screen share with me and show me how to set this up?

Hi @Joseph_James, I am available for hire as an Airtable consultant & programmer to do that. My full-time job is a professional Airtable trainer, Airtable consultant, and Airtable programmer. Feel free to send me a private message to discuss more. :slight_smile:

I have no idea if im DMing you on this platform. I would be happy to hire you to set up my table the way i need.

Hi @Joseph_James, I just sent you a private message!

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