Can collaborators add other collaborators?

If I add four collaborators to my Pro plan base, can they add other collaborators? If so, is there a permission setting to prevent this (both for security and cost reasons)?

Hi @Jessica_Massad and welcome to the community!

Check this link for all permissions info: Permissions overview – Airtable - Support

I think you need to be at “creator” or “owner” level to add other collaborators.

Thanks for this, but I can’t determine if Creators (which I’ll need most of the collaborators to be) can add other collaborators. (As this will cost the business money, I’d like to be able to control this, if possible.)

“Creators” will be able to add other collaborators in any form, except as “owners”. “Editors” can do the same, except as “creators” and “owners”. Not sure for “commenters” though.

It is well hidden I guess. Didn’t find any specific mention of this :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I’ll mark it Solved, but it’s a bit scary.

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