Can comments to AT records perform an auto-update to the 'Last Modified Date' field?

I’m using AT as an Applicant Tracking System for recruiting. For records in AT, we use the Comment function to provide long-form notes on our candidates. We know the Comments automatically time-stamp the post, but we’re wondering if it’s possible to have the comment also update the ‘Date Modified’ field. This will help us run reports on the last date/time we’ve had an interaction with a candidate in our system.

Not that I’m aware of. The commenting system is off-limits to scripting and the API, thus making it impossible to blend the realm of comments with the realm of data.

One workaround is to create comments using Airtable itself and link those comments to the applicant. Such a process could easily be done with a form and once a new entry is linked to an applicant record, it’s a simple matter of using an automation to update the date in the applicant record and link the record back to the staff comment.

Not ideal, but doable.

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