Can concatenate formula show just times, WITHOUT the date?

I’m trying to establish a schedule of events for a multi-day event and it would be optimal to have the primary field with a concatenate formula read:

CONCATENATE({Description (from Performer)}, " by ",{Performer}, " from ", {Start Time}, " to ", {End Time})

However, for Start and End times, I would love if ONLY the time (sans date) would show, because currently I have this mess showing:

Classical String Duet by XYZ Strings Band from 2022-04-14T02:00:00.000Z to 2022-04-14T03:30:00.000Z

TIA, Community!

Hi @Jessica_Pena ,
There is a TimeStr() option you can use in your formula. There are also other formats you can display the time as with DATETIME_FORMAT() :

To add the DATETIME_FORMAT to your formula:
CONCATENATE({Description (from Performer)}, " by ",{Performer}, " from ", DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Time},‘LT’), " to ", DATETIME_FORMAT({End Time},‘LT’))



Thank you very much!

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