Can I automate adding records to a table via CSV attachments to email?


Every day, I receive an automated email from my reporting system that includes a CSV attachment.
Every day, I open that CSV attachment, copy all the data, and manually paste it over one of the tables in my base, overwriting whatever was already there.
I’m trying to come up with a way of doing this that doesn’t require my manual copy-paste. I can’t use an API or any direct integration … all I have are these CSV attachments. I’m hoping to find a service where I can just forward on these emails, and the updating happens automatically.
Is there any Block or 3rd party integration that would allow me to do this?
Thank you!


Every day… :man_facepalming: ugh

There is a Block that should make it a bit easier. The “CSV import” block should make it a drag-n-drop process for you. No need to even open the file up once you get your fields set up in the block:


You could likely do this with Zapier. Let me know if you need assistance (


If it doesn’t work out for you with standard tools I’d be happy to help you with a custom solution.

Feel free to contact me in that case… :slight_smile: