Can I control which fields display in linked record picker?

When I am picking records using the linked record picker the linked field displays in bold and below it several of the other fields’ values display. How can I control which fields display below the bold linked field?

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Good question.

Those other fields are the first 4 fields of the linked table. If you have less than 4 fields in your linked table, than you’ll see whatever fields you have available.

This is useful information because now you can strategically place your fields so that the important information is showing in order to help your selection process. This, of course, can be streamlined even more by creating a special view for this practice and then linking your field to that view.

Very powerful question.

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Hi Nathalie, thanks, and thanks for your response.

In my linked record picker the fields displayed are not the first four fields in the table. They seem to be four random fields. Does that mean I somehow linked to a view in which those four fields were first? Can I change that without
affecting what’s been picked so far? If so, how?

If you look at the properties of the field from which you do the picking, you’ll see where it’s picking from. You’ll also see if it’s picking from a particular view.

Once you know what sheet and/or view that it’s pulling from, you can then go to that sheet/view and from there move items around.

Nothing you do in these views will impact what’s already been picked.

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