can I create several bases with the pro plan?

The airtable has pro plane which is 50,000 lines and 20GB. With this plan you can create several bases ??? And each base can have a maximum of 50,000 lines?

hellp-me please !!!

Hi Glia,

This is correct. Each base, not to be mistaken for a table within a base.

hi ,do you know how to tell me if I can create two bases and if on each of the bases I can store 20 gb ?
only with the pro plan

@Glia_GLIA You can create an unlimited number of bases no matter what type of account you have. The limit is only on the number of records you can add to a base across all tables. On the free plan, you could create 100 or more bases if you wanted to, so long as each base only contained 1200 records or fewer. Records are the individual entries in each table and the record limits are per base, not per table, so if you had 600 in one table and 600 in another table, but those tables were in the same base, you’d hit the 1200 record limit for the free account. As you’ve noted, the limit is 50,000 for the pro account. You still can create unlimited bases with as many tables as you want, but you could make up to 50,000 records in each base.

Records don’t count against your storage—those are only for file uploads attached to your records. That means you can have 2GB of uploaded file attachments in every base you create on a free account and up to 20GB per base on a pro account. This is in addition to all other text-based content you create in the records. The text doesn’t count against your storage limits—just other files you have to upload (like photos, audio files, and videos).

If you ever hit a limit you’ll get notified within Airtable but you will still be able to use your base. You get a grace period so you can get back under the limit. You won’t be immediately penalized for exceeding a limit on any account type. So, you could use any account type you like to start with and upgrade when you hit a limit if you’re not exactly sure what you’ll need right now.


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