Can I email a view once a week


Once a week I want to email a report from Airtable to stakeholders (who don’t have Airtable logins). This report is based on rows created in a particular table in the last 7 days. Basically a filtered view of the table. The report could be as text, PDF, Excel or HTML.

I have managed to use Zapier to send some data on a schedule. But the ‘Find record’ zap only seems to be able to find a single record. Ideally I want to be able to send a whole view or block.

Any ideas? This seems like a fairly basic use case.


I believe that zapier has a digest app which should do what you are asking for.
Never used it though so am not too sure how to use it.


I wasn’t clear what a digest did either. But maybe that will do it. I will investigate. Thanks for the suggestion.

it would be nice if there was a Airtable zap that allowed you to send a view or a block as a PDF. Then you could just email this out once a week.