Can I embed a page designer block in my Wordpress website?

Is it possible to show records formatted in page designer into a Wordpress website? All I’ve found on the forum is from early last year that the feature is coming. If not, are there any good workarounds? Thanks!

Hello @Stefan_Sysko,

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It’s not currently possible. I know that some of my clients have that “Block Sharing” feature enabled but I guess it’s still in beta.

Depending on what you need to do, I would suggest two solutions (no quick&easy one) :

  • Generate a document another way

Here is an article I wrote in french with 4 methods, advantages & disadvantages, you can translate the page using Google Translate : Générer des documents avec Airtable - Airtable Facile
Some of these methods will allow you to output to a PDF file that can be shown in an embedded PDF reader on your website.

  • Show Airtable Data on WordPress using AirPress

I have used this solution two times, both using Virtual Posts + Shortcodes and using PHP custom code.

Feel free to reach out in PM if you need help for this setup.


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