Can I group by a column in a linked table?


I have three tables:


  • name
  • linked column to their position


  • name
  • linked column to the department its in


  • name

Is there a way to create a grid view that groups the employees by departments?

So it would look something like this:

    Alice | Salesperson
    Bob | Salesperson
   Carla | Coordinator
   Angela | Accountant
   Brett | Accounts Payable
   Caspar | Accounts Receivable


I figured it out. For posterity and anyone else who might need it:

The way I solved it was to create a lookup field in the employee table that looked up the department in the linked positions table. This created a column directly in the employee that I could then use for grouping.

This is the help article I used for lookup fields


That is the way and what Lookup fields are for :wink: