Can I have two triggers for one automation?

I have two triggers =

  1. When a record is created
  2. When a record matches some condition

I want same automation script to run whenever any one of the above points are triggered. Is there any way to do this?
Ex: If “New record is created” OR “Record matches some condition” → Run the automation.

PS= I don’t want to create two same automations for each trigger, I want this in single automation.
Thank you

No. An automation can have only one trigger. However, you might be able to adjust the trigger so that it covers both scenarios.

@kuovonne , How do you suggest I do that with the triggers being

  1. when record is created.
  2. when record matches certain condition.

You can add a formula field that compares the Created Time to NOW and returns true only if the record was created within a short time from “now” (in other words the record was just created). Then set your automation trigger to be when that formula is “true” OR when your other condition applies.

Note: comparing created time to NOW may not fire precisely when you want it to.

@Kamille_Parks , that seems like a good solution but it might not work for our requirement, because there will be many records creating each minute in a table, so it won’t be feasible, so have to figure out a way to identify a newly created record in the condition trigger.

Well its not ideal, but you could have 3 automations: one automation that triggers on a webhook that has all the steps your current Automation has, and two more automations that fire when “Record is created” or “record matches condition” each ending in a script that calls that webhook.

I know it sucks to have multiple automations, but this solution will allow you to effectively look at one Automation while the other two are just triggers.


@Kamille_Parks , Thank you very much this works like a charm!

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