Can I jump to another table by using single text with hyperlink?

I want to create multiple tables to manage my students’ curriculum. Can I create a single text field and made it as an individual hyperlink cell?
e.g. Creating three tables with Overall, Student A and student B. Also creating a single text field named “Student name” . When I click Student A’s name, it can jump to A’s table. Such like this.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @CYLai - you can’t have a hyperlink in the way you can in Excel, for example, with a friendly name:

HYPERLINK (link_location, [friendly_name])

But you can have a field with URL values in it:

Every table in your base has a unique link, so if you copy the URL for a student table into your overall table, clicking on the link will take you to the Student table. Note though that the link is target = _blank, i.e. it opens a new tab in your browser, rather than changing the current tab to the URL you have clicked.


Hi @JonathanBowen - That’s also OK for me, but I can not find the way to get each table’s link whether I use right click of my mouse or another key. How can I do?

Hi @CYLai - just use the URL in your browser address bar:

They all start with “tbl” (presumably for “table”)


Hello @JonathanBowen - Got it!!! Thanks for your instruction!!