Can I link a record in one workspace to a record in another workspace?

I’d like to link a record in one workspace table to a record in another workspace table. Is this possible?

Hi @Laura_Kimball

Are you referring to linking between two separate databases? If so, unfortunately this is not possible.

You can link between tables in one database, though.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

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Hi Laura - let’s first make sure we’re on the same vernacular page. By “workspace table” do you actually mean a “base” that contains a table linking to another entirely different table in an entirely different base?

Note that workspaces contain bases; bases contain tables; tables contain records. As such, there isn’t really a concept in Airtable known as “workspace table”. In the following diagram, the red link lines are not possible as far as I know in the Airtable feature set. However, using the API, all link lines are possible.

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