Can I link between different bases?

Hi; Can I link between different bases?
I want to make calls with filters between different bases.

  1. I want to list the records with all files also filreed as well as one can filter on me. Is there a way? - A VERY USEFUL FEATURE FOR EVERYONE THAT HAPPENS …
  2. If you put them into the same table, the problem is the limit of 50,000 records. Because I want to keep some of my data for archiving purposes.

The problem is that I can’t do all integrated filtering on the ferries that I’ve bought on different bases that aren’t on the same base (from the 50,000 record limit). For each base I have to do this separately. And that doesn’t make any sense! “I’m requesting additional features to solve this.”

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Short answer: no.

I’m sure they know how the market works. Also, there isn’t a major software out there that has added every highly requested feature they’ve been asked to.


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