Can I prefill a portion of a form?


Is there a way to prefill a portion of an Airtable form from the html link? For example, with Wufoo you can send a parameter such as field1=“concrete” at the end of the html to prefill the first field.

Add Form Parameter Support (Pre-fill form fields)

Hi Alex,

We do not yet provide the option to pre-fill fields in an Airtable form. This is something we are considering, and we appreciate your feedback (and your patience)!




Are you still considering this? Would be very useful :slight_smile:



We haven’t gotten around to building the user interface for this yet, but for now, you can use prefill_ parameters in the form URL to prefill specific fields as a workaround.

e.g to prefill the “Name” and “Email” fields for a form, you can do this:

Note that the part after prefill_ must exactly match the actual field name as it appears in the table, not the label used in the form.



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Can this be used for linked fields?


Not at this time, sorry.


It would be great if I could also use this for hidden fields (not displayed on the form). :slight_smile:


I’m using the prefill_ approach and all my dates are appearing one day before the date in the URL.


This workaround doesn’t seem to work with single-select fields. How can we pre-populate those prior to form submission?


All, I’ve captured this as a feature request here for future reference:


I can confirm the same behavior with a date field in my form. I wonder if it’s dateline / time-related, but I don’t plan on being awake at midnight to test this theory :slight_smile:


Still not available?


It would be soooooo useful for us as well…


Please add this feature! We are using airtable for event management (we manage multiple events at once.) It would be incredibly useful to integrate an event registration form, but currently there is no way to guarantee that people register for the correct event.


Kasra -

Your linked table in reply #4 seems to have gone astray…



Is there a way to prefill_ embeded forms?