Can I recycle my form to use with other grids?

Hi Airtablers,

I’m a total newb here and I’m struggling with forms for data input.

I have achieved a passable/usable form on one grid which I would like to copy over and reuse with other grids rather than manually go through all the set-up and again. I’m pretty sure that this can be done since no one likes redoing stuff they already done. But, I have not discovered how.

I would really appreciate hearing from you if you can tell me how to basically cut and paste a form from one grid to another.

Thank you for reading.

Welcome to the community, @Teacher_Lin!

What do you mean by “grids”?

You can duplicate your form by simply choosing “Duplicate Form” from the little menu that has 3 dots.

If you’re talking about duplicating your form to a completely different table, that is not possible.

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Yes, I meant “table”, not “grid”.

Are you sure? It seems like a massive and unlikely oversight not to be able to duplicate stuff that has already been created.

Export and import? Seems odd. What about duplicate the base and delete unwanted tables within it?
Any thoughts on this?

I found this:

It suggests table duplication is possible in the mobile app (which seems less likely than in the web version) but when I tried it, the “duplicate” option did not appear as suggested in the that guide.


What are you trying to accomplish?

Well, I have a table for which I have created a data input form. The form is working as intended and it enters the data I need into the table I have created.
Now, I would like to duplicate both the table (and rename it) and the form to create data from another group (class actually).

Sorry if I’m using inappropriate terms here. Hope you can understand my meaning.

Figured it out.

You just have to right click on the table tab and duplicate. It takes all the data (if wanted) and the forms with it. Voila.

It is strange though that the iOS mobile app allows table duplication but (in my case) the Android version did not have the “duplicate table” option in the same menu.

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