Can I Reuse Row ID

I’ve created a simple table to inventory my card supplies. After creating I decided to make changes and combine two columns into one, then I deleted the no longer need rows. I now realize that I should not have deleted the rows but should have left them empty for reuse. My question is…when I want to create a new row is there any way that I can re-use a deleted row ID?

If you are referring to an autonumber field, you cannot go back and refill in deleted autonumbers.

You can convert the autonumber field to some other field type, and then convert it back to an autonumber. However, this would change the existing autonumbers of existing records, so I do not recommend it. (There are workarounds, such as making sure that all records are in the view and adding in blank records to that the new numbers will match old numbers.)

Is there a particular reason why you need to use an autonumber? In Airtable, the primary field of records does not have to be unique.

Thanks for your quick reply, I thought that this was the answer but wanted to confirm. My plan was to use the unique ID field as a unique item/inventory number. It’s not a big issue that I’m missing ID numbers, I can live with it.

Thanks for your assistance!

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