Can I trigger a custom email on response to a form being submitted

Im looking for advice. When a user submits a form is there a way to distribute a custom email response? I am wanting to send the user an answer from the data logged using a search block. Is this possible?
eg. What animal are you looking for cat, dog?
user inputs dog and submits form.
Email response is a list of available dogs

You can do that using the Airtable Automations to send an email when a new record is added to a view. For example: What animal are you looking for ? If answers are cat and dog, then make a cat view and a dog view. Make an automation to send an email to the user when a new record is added to a view. Will need an email address field in your form of course. Have it pull info from your form to get email address. You can add the email text that is specific to the dog to be sent for those that select dog. Duplicate automation to make a cat email to send out when they pick cat (new record in cat view).

Yes, you can do what @Patrick_Baker suggested, or you can use an automation tool like Integromat to do the exact same thing.

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I like the new Airtable automation because I only have one place to manage the base and automation, and it is included in airtable pro at no extra charge. That said, the documentation on airtable automations needs to get much better. Pretty sparse so far.

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The other thing to remember about the email option with Airtable automations is that the email comes from Airtable, not your own email address. Using Integromat lets you control where the email comes from (among other things). In short, there are pros and cons to each option.


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