Can I turn off highlighting for Lookup field table items?

Hi all,

I would like to just have clean text in the PDF. The highlighted lookup fields not only retain their field color but don’t respect default fonts. Thoughts?



Hi @Matthew_Maslanka,

Previously there was an option in Page Designer to make the Linked Field as a Inline Text, it disappeared all of a sudden for some reason. It happened to me while in the middle of a project, I had some PDFs with the linked fields as text, and some were highlighted. I know the frustration!

One thing you can do, in the table create a new Field that is a Formula and make it equal to the Linked Field, it will bring the linked field as a text and you can use it In the Page Designer. (That’s what I did).

Alternatively, email and let them know your concern, they might be able to help.



@Matthew_Maslanka Could you please clarify what you’re asking about? Your original post (and post title) refer to lookup fields having some kind of highlighting, but I don’t see that at all when I put a lookup field into a Page Designer layout. Could you please provide some screenshots showing the problem? That might clarify things.

Also, the reply from @Mohamed_Swellam talks about link fields (which are not the type asked about) no longer having the Inline Text option, but it’s still there:

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 7.35.51 PM

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