Can I use Airtable for a discussion forum?


Did Airtable use its own platform to design this Community Forum? It’d be perfect for what we are trying to do…

We are trying to design a (closed - invitation-only) platform on which collaborators can start threads by asking questions.

Currently each new record is a question. There is a tab for collaborators to be assigned to the question. The answer to the question is given in a long text field (with tabs for grouping the questions by issue) and the collaborators can upload documents to the record. Any comments and back and forth are in the Activity tab of the record as a comment.
In Blocks, we have and google hangouts so participants can chat or video conference to discuss…
But the above is missing the sequential conversation format (ask question, get reply, another reply, another reply and a resolution comment).
It would also be great to be able to mention a group of collborators instead of naming each individually. Is that possible? (I have grouped the collaborators by country).


No, they are using a popular web platform: